The SuDoku command-line app


The SuDoku command line app presents the graphical interface familiar from the applet.


SuDoku [-a boxesAcross] [-d boxesDown] [-i]

The [-a boxesAcross] and [-d boxesDown] options allow the app to be started with a non-standard grid size. (Of course, it is possible to change the grid size from within the app once it has started.) The default values are three.

The -i option stipulates that an initial grid should be read from standard input. (In this case, the -a and -d options will be ignored.) The initial grid should be entered in the format used by the app's Copy button.


SuDoku starts an app that displays an empty 3x3 grid.

SuDoku -a 4 -d 4 starts an app that displays an empty 4x4 grid.

SuDoku < puzzle.txt starts an app that displays the puzzle stored in the file puzzle.txt.