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Uses of Grid in com.act365.sudoku

Methods in com.act365.sudoku that return Grid
 Grid Grid.populate(java.lang.String s)
          Populates the grid from a string.
 Grid Grid.rectify(boolean[][] mask)
          Reflects, rotates and rearranges the grid as necessary in order to reduce it to its lowest form.
 Grid Grid.shuffle()
          Randomly shuffles the current grid.

Methods in com.act365.sudoku with parameters of type Grid
 void MostCandidates.setup(Grid grid)
          Sets the state variables.
 void LeastCandidatesNumber.setup(Grid grid)
          Sets the state variables.
 void LeastCandidatesHybrid.setup(Grid grid)
          Sets up the strategy to solve the given grid.
 void LeastCandidatesCell.setup(Grid grid)
          Sets the state variables.
 void IStrategy.setup(Grid grid)
          Sets up the strategy state variables to solve the given grid.
 void GridContainer.setGrid(Grid grid)
          Sets the underlying grid to be a clone of the given grid.
 void FirstAvailable.setup(Grid grid)
          Prepares the strategy to solve the given grid..

Constructors in com.act365.sudoku with parameters of type Grid
Solver(java.lang.String threadName, Composer composer, int index, Grid grid, IStrategy strategy, IStrategy composeSolver, int composeSolverThreshold, int maxSolns, int maxUnwinds, int maxComplexity, debug, boolean useNative)
          Creates a Solver instance.
Solver(Grid grid, IStrategy strategy, IStrategy composeSolver, int composeSolverThreshold, int maxSolns, debug)
          Creates a Solver instance.
Solver(Grid grid, IStrategy strategy)
          Creates a Solver instance.
GridContainer(Grid grid)
          Creates a new GridContainer instance.