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Uses of GridContainer in com.act365.sudoku

Constructors in com.act365.sudoku with parameters of type GridContainer
SuDokuContainer(GridContainer grid, ControlContainer control)
          Creates a new SuDokuContainer to display the given grid and control.
ControlContainer(GridContainer grid, boolean isApplet)
          Creates a new ControlContainer to control the given GridContainer.
Composer(GridContainer gridContainer, int boxesAcross, int maxSolns, int maxMasks, int maxUnwinds, int maxComplexity, MaskFactory maskFactory, int nSolvers, int composeSolverThreshold, debug, boolean useNative, boolean leastCandidatesHybridFilter)
          Generates a new thread that will attempt to construct a Su Doku puzzle with 'maskSize' cells on initial display.