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 class FirstAvailable
          The 'FirstAvailable' strategy always selects the first valid choice it finds in any situation - it doesn't make any attempt to rank the various alternatives.
 class LeastCandidatesCell
          The LeastCandidatesCell strategy calculates the number of seemingly valid candidates (of course, for a problem with a unique solution, there is only one strictly valid candidate for each cell - a candidate is deemed 'seemingly valid' if it isn't blatantly contradicted by another cell in that row, column or subgrid) for each cell in the grid, and fills the cells with the least number of possible candidates first.
 class LeastCandidatesHybrid
          LeastCandidatesHybrid combines the Least Candidates Cell and Least Candidates Number strategies.
 class LeastCandidatesNumber
          The LeastCandidatesNumber strategy calculates, for each combination of number and sector (where a sector is a generic term that covers rows, columns and subgrids), the number of valid candidate cells and fills the the sectors with the least number of possible candidate cells first.
 class MostCandidates
          The MostCandidates strategy makes the move at any timestep that will eliminate the greatest number of remaining candidates.